Rays’ Roost

2018 Rays’ Roost Schedule (updated 9/26/18)
May 18-20 Eric Hale (open cabin)
June 3-11 Ann Hardy Family (Ann’s Share)
Jun 12-17 Kathy & Jax Pettey (Ann’s Share)
July 8-13 Jill & David Hansen (Jill’s Share)
July 14-19 David Hardy (David’s Share)
July 20-24 Becky & Steven Heumann (Gayle’s share)
July 25-29 Tracy Monson (Tracy’s Share)
July 30-Aug 4 Clark Hardy (Clark’s Share)
August 9-12 Quin and Dani Monson (Kirk’s Share)
August 19-22 Marissa Hardy (Bryce’s Share)
August 31-Sept 3 Rex Hardy Family (Rex’s Share)
Sept 4-8 Ann Hardy (Ann’s Share)
Sept 14-16 Spencer Hale (Gayle’s Share)
Sept 18-21 Ryan Monson (Tracy’s Share)
Sept 22-25 Eric Hale (Gayle’s Share) 
Oct 4-7 Warren Pettey (Ann’s Share)
Oct 27-28 Eric Hale (Close Cabin)
The season is usually May-Sept
Please contact me for any new requests: spencer@halefire.com